Are You Digital or Analog?

There is a big transition happening on February 17, 2009 when all over the air TV broadcasts move from analog format to digital format.

Do we think the average person knows the difference, or really cares?

For those of us who consider ourselves “digital internet marketers” it’s a great time to remind yourself that most people:

  • Don’t care about technology
  • Are frustrated with hard to read web site addresses (note that I did not write “hard to read URL’s”)
  • Just want things to work, without having to think too hard about it.

Keep your websites, messages, and offers easy to understand and it wont matter if your customers are analog, digital, or anything else.

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One Response to “Are You Digital or Analog?”

  1. Grace Dunklee Cohen, Anthorne Group PR on January 11th, 2009:

    Well said, Bryan — Nothing could be more important! Too many times, companies fall for the latest, bleeding-edge Web tricks and technologies to make their sites great. But if that prevents people from accessing or fully utilizing your site, where’s the benefit? Just this past month, we were dismayed that one of the well-known art and antique auction houses had updated their Web site to achieve ultimate coolness, but left us out in the cold when we (previously frequent visitors) couldn’t even view their home page. Oops! I wonder how much they paid for that update–and how much business it’s costing them. In today’s economy, that could be a fatal mistake. Thanks for your important reminder, Bryan!