DRTV Savvy? Take the DRTV Quiz

Here’s something fun to do, just as you’ve seen the latest innovation on TV from our friend Billy Mays.

A Eicoff & Co. has a short “DRTV Quiz” on their web site.  It’s not as much fun as “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, but interesting nonetheless.  Whether you are new to the direct response TV world or and old pro who can recall the Pocket Fisherman, you’ll enjoy the quiz.

Bill McCabe is a senior VP at Eicoff who I have known for many years – he sees the future moving toward more :120 second spots, with more “traditional” brand advertisers entering the DRTV space.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the latest innovation from Billy Mays is the “Slider Station”.  Lets you cook up 5 greasy little burgers at one time.  Just in time for the Super Bowl!

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One Response to “DRTV Savvy? Take the DRTV Quiz”

  1. Simply Ideas on December 21st, 2008:

    Thanks for the link to the DRTV quiz. I think the new trend is going to be more quick to air spots with low budgets and more testing. Tracking results is now getting easier and media buying is much more automated than it used to be.