How Many Search Engine Marketing Blogs Are There?

When I did a Google search for “search engine marketing blog” I got 108,000,000 results.  Fortunately, TopRank Online Marketing has compiled a list of the top 400 that matter.

The Top 400?

I am all for inclusiveness, but are there really 400 blogs on the subject of search engine marketing that matter?

Big List - Search Marketing Blogs

I guess the fact that they assembled such a large list speaks volumes about how important search engine marketing is.  Think about the number of variations on the theme: search engine optimization, search engine submission engines, algorithm theories, conspiracy theories, black hat techniques, linking strategies, link exchanges, keywords, keyword stuffing, anchor text, paid inclusion, social media, arbitrage, contextual copy writing, brand infringement, page rank, link bait, PPC, Twitter, blogs, podcasts.  Not to mention the whole subject of the search engines themselves: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, Ask and so on.

So while 400 is still a daunting number, I appreciate the folks at TopRank for finding the 400 they think will help us all be smarter about our business.  And for saving us all the time sift through 108 million results.

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One Response to “How Many Search Engine Marketing Blogs Are There?”

  1. Caffine61 on January 20th, 2009:

    Good post Bryan, in addition I believe what makes the Toprank Biglist even more valuable is that it is updated quite often with new blogs and every few months the list is combed through and blogs that are not active are removed.