SearchMe – The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing?

You need to check out Internet search results at SearchMe, an engine that displays results not in the usual text-list format (a la Google), but in an iPhone style of images of actual Web pages you can flip through and filter results by topic. A query on Costa Rica, for example, lets you narrow results into categories like soccer, Olympics, real estate, lodgings, weather and fishing.

SearchMe Interface

SearchMe Interface

Visually it is really compelling. Better yet is the ability to create “stacks” of the results you found which can then be shared, creating a viral element to the search results.

So how do they monetize the search if there are no traditional “sponsored links” like we know from AdWords? SearchMe will begin embedding brand advertising within the search experience. So as you flip through the results, relevant landing pages will be mixed into the experience giving marketers a much more rich experience to present their product as compared to 136 characters of text.

This could be a game changer. Where Google captured the direct response budgets of advertisers, SearchMe allows a branded experience and will bring “brand” dollars into search.

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