SEO and Social Media Laundry List

There was a great post today on the Online Marketing Blog with 10 tips for search engine optimization and for managing social media links and reputation management.

Remember the days when anyone could register a URL for a large brand name like Coca-Cola? That same phenomenon exists today with social media log-ins and fan pages. Tip number Two on the list tells you how to quickly check the availability of your brand name, or proposed alias.

Ever wondered which companies are really doing blogs, social networks, online video, podcasting, widgets, crowdsourcing, microblogging, photo sharing, virtual worlds, wikis, blogger relations, social bookmarking, social news, brand monitoring, discussion boards, social PR and user ratings/reviews? Tip number 4 takes you to 237 examples of who is doing what.

Ok, so here is the link – remember it only takes one great idea to launch a fantastic new campaign.


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2 Responses to “SEO and Social Media Laundry List”

  1. MrSarcastic on October 7th, 2008:

    Thanks for sharing this list. The UserNameCheck tool (tip #2) is great if for nothing else but to see what social media opportunities you may be missing out on!

  2. Mark on October 7th, 2008:

    Really like the list from #4. I’m surprised some of these people aren’t doing more with viral video, and overall, there seems to be a lot of plain ideas within Social Networking. Not much that really stands out.

    Really liked the suggestion boxes that some had.

    I especially liked Best Buy’s video on digital converters for analog TV users. If they are using analog TV’s, I have to assume You Tube isn’t the best place to reach them. Maybe Best Buy should direct mail them VHS tapes 🙂